Corporate Profile

compositionX has been founded in October 2002 as a representation of foreign manufacturers of bomb disposal equipment in Germany. The corporate activities have been supplemented by the addition of training and services in July 2006. At this compositionX takes advantage of the unique combination of specific skills and experiences such as ammunition technology, bomb disposal, automotive technology, engineering as well as sales and marketing of defence products in an international environment. The different business segments in detail:

The work of soldiers and police officers is more and more shaped by the operation of quite complex technical tools and instruments. At this, the variety of different technologies as well as the actual bandwidth of options with each equipment puts high demands at the individual. Therefore, comprehensive and sophisticated training is required to use these instruments efficiently and above all safely.
Mostly, the training is performed by specialized schools, which are run by state-controlled agencies such as Armed Forces or Police organizations. As a rule the first training of the trainers is provided by the manufacturers of the actual equipment.
For small and middle-sized companies training is not the core of their business activities. It is more seen as a necessary auxiliary job than an add-on value for the customer, because the sales managers or service engineers have to provide this service in addition to their normal function. compositionX is concentrating on the provision of such training thus increasing the positive recognition of this service at the customer and creating a real benefit - for the user and for the manufacturer and his product.

Our aim is to identify technically ambitious niches to establish a professional training offer. The start has been made in the field of EOD/IEDD, whose technical complexity is increasing permanently and which sadly seems to be more current than ever. However, the range of training areas is increasing continuously.

Often compositionX acts as a subcontractor to the original equipment manufacturer, which provides two major benefits for these companies: First of all, their staff is no longer bound by time consuming external functions thus giving them more room for their actual work in sales or maintenance. Second, as a highly specialized service provider we devoted ourselves to the improvement of training quality and to supplement the offer with reasonable fringe benefits such as training aids, manuals, pocket-cards etc. By experience, the perception of increased training quality at the customer has a direct positive effect on the perception of the actual product and its manufacturer.

As well compositionX offers a wide range of training courses in the following areas:

- EOD [Explosive Ordnance Disposal]
- IEDD [Improvised Explosive Device Disposal]
- Underwater-IEDD
- Special Forces Skills
- Aviation Security
- Corporate Security
- Computer Security
- Handling and maintenance of military equipment

The range covers everything from beginner courses up to advanced small group trainings. The choice is between standardized modules as well as customized solutions.

compositionX works with experienced instructors and translators at the final customer on site, at the manufacturer or at our own training facility. At this, the training at the final customer´s premises is the preferred option, because it allows a most realistic training environment with their own equipment and familiar climatic conditions.

> Corporate Services
The employees of compositionX have a long-time experience in sales, marketing, testing and approval of defence goods in an international context. This comprises amongst others the assessment of comprehensive regulations and provisions, e.g. the technical and commercial specifications of tenders as well as the preparation of complex bidding documents. compositionX is familiar with the tendering procedures and standard commercial clauses of the state-controlled agencies as well as of the large combines in the following countries:

- United States of America
- Canada
- United Kingdom
- Germany

This experience can be at your benefit, if you have to process comprehensive tenders within short notice and with a limited staff. The following services are on offer:

- Preparation of own tenders
- Evaluation of foreign tenders
- Preparation of own bidding documents
- Support at state-controlled testing and approval procedures
- Project management for above services
- Evaluation of special incidents and provision of a report
- Provision of Security Analysis and a Security Concept

> Representation
The market for bomb disposal equipment is dominated by small and middle-sized, highly specialized manufacturers. In their worldwide sales activities, these use local representatives and traders, who are familiar with the subject and who are able to provide consultancy for the final customer. compositionX is proud to have the German representation of some well known companies in the EOD/IEDD arena, including:

- Alford Technologies Ltd. [Innovative water disrupters]
- CINTEC International Ltd. [Mobile protection systems using water]
- Countermeasure Systems Ltd. [Disruptors, Fuse Extractors]
- Dynasafe Protection Systems [Blast protection solutions]
- Energetics Technology Ltd. [Blast protection solutions]
- Field Forensics, Inc. [Effective and reliable explosives detection]
- Holdfast Systems Pty. Ltd. [ Advanced Bomb Suits]
- ICM X-ray S.A. [mobile x-rax]
- NIC Instruments Ltd. [Hook- and Line/Search equipment]

It is our target to provide an attractive and state-of-the-art portfolio, which covers a wide range of bomb disposal technology.

Because of the connection with the training services and the close relationship to operators all over the world, compositionX recognizes new needs and requirements very early. This then results in an active market research to identify new partner companies - or, if there is no suitable option available yet, in the development of own products and technologies. Furthermore, due to our experience and specific skills, compositionX is more and more embedded in the development or improvement of EOD/IEDD products as well as in the field testing process of the partner companies.