EOD / IEDD training modules
compositionX employs proven specialists for the field of EOD / IEDD. Therefore, we are able to provide training courses in the following areas:
> Search of vehicles and buildings
> Driving with manipulator vehicles (robots)
> Manipulation with Hook- and Line sets / manipulator sticks
> Application of freezing systems
> Abrasive water cutting technology
> X-ray techniques with paper, scanner and real time
> Procedures using shooting and blasting
> Opening and disruption techniques, breaching
> RSP [Render safe procedures], manual RSP
> Passive protection means
> Mine clearance, EOD/CMD [conventional weapons disposal]
compositionX offers a modular course system as well as tailored training. Ask us for your personal quote!


EOD / IEDD Product Application Training
The performance of product trainings are often sensed as an irksome evel - done by sales or service personnel in second function. Notwithstanding modern tools are getting increasingly powerful, as well as their handling is getting more complex. Only with a comprehensive and professional training, the user can take advantage of the entire bandwidth of this product effectively and moreover safely!
compositionX has been specializing on this service and offers training from specialists for specialists - everything from one hand: preparation, performance, aids, documents, manuals, translations, refresher courses and ... and ... and ...
compositionX is already cooperating with a number of wellknown manufacturers of EOD/IEDD-instruments as well as with companies producing police- and military- technology.
Talk to us! And entrust us with your product- and application training!


Police- and Military Technology
Our instructors are engineers or former operators from these specials fields. The range of services comprises amongst others:

> Handling and maintenance of tank tracks
> Application of abrasive water cutting systems
> Preparation and avaluation of x-ray images
> Breaching


Type of Training
compositionX offers the entire bandwidth of conceivable types of training, including:
> Beginner courses
> Advanced courses
> Scenario type training courses
> Courses for specific tasks and situations
> Refresher courses


Our instructors are qualified in two ways: they have been working as operators in their special field at least for some years. As well they bear proven experience in teaching.
compositionX maintains a pool of instructors from very different functions, such as police, special forces and military operators, covering a wide range of EOD / IEDD / CMD / NBC experience supplemented by technicians with an diploma degree in engineering.
This bandwidth enables us to form teams for all kinds of training, to address all customer needs and to focus on specific topics, if required.


A comprehensive training course usually starts with a test of previous knowledge to make sure, that all trainees can start from the same level.
At the end of such a course compositionX will do final exams to evaluate and confirm the degree of education achieved during the training course.
compositionX is able to provide an official certificate for their training courses.


Approvals and Authorizations
compositionX bears a permit in accordance with §7 of German Explosives Law to handle explosives.
Furthermore our instructors hold the approval to apply police- and military procedures using explosives in our training courses in accordance with §20 of German Explosives Law.
This of course includes frequent refresher courses and continuing education for our own staff as well.


Training Language
Usually the training is given in German or English language. Further languages, e.g. Arabic, can be realised with experienced translators. Our translators are already familiar with this specific topic and the typical wording of the operators thus to avoid misunderstandings.
Training aids and documents, such as manuals, pocket cards, certificates etc. will be conferred on request as well.


Training Location
Our recommendation is always a training performance at the customer´s site. The obvious advantages are:
> Familiarization with your own equipment
> Realistic scenarios in your own environment
> Training in familiar climatic conditions
> Reduced travel cost
However, compositionX can provide all required training facilities in Germany such as class rooms, blasting ranges as well as areas for practical and scenario training on request. Then, we use latest EOD / IEDD equipment from well known manufacturers.